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“State of Emergency,” is a 5-part series investigating natural disasters, response and recovery. It's produced by Carnegie-Knight News21, a national multimedia reporting project produced by the nation's top journalism students and graduates.

Produced by Kailey Broussard.

1: In the storm

Natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense, and they’re affecting people who have never experienced them before. In this episode, survivors of hurricanes, floods and wildfires will take you through the unexpected obstacles and powerful triumphs of a storm.

Produced by Anna Huntsman.

2: Response

When faced with floods and fires, even experienced first responders deal with situations beyond their imaginations, and everyday citizens find themselves turning into heroes. In this episode, hear the stories of people who stepped up and handled whatever nature threw their way.

Produced by Sophie Grosserode.

3: Seeking shelter

When disaster strikes, it’s time to take cover or seek shelter. In this episode, you’ll hear what happens when that shelter becomes home.

Produced by Anna Huntsman and Dustin Patar.

4: Recovery

Recovery after natural disasters is never black and white. While some are fortunate to return to normalcy, others get stuck in a long, gruesome recovery process.

Produced by Peter Nicieja.

5: What have we learned?

Natural disasters are rewriting the American story. But what are we learning? Are we doing anything differently to adapt to this new normal? In this episode, you’ll hear about lessons learned — and ignored.

Produced by Jake Steinberg.

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